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Feb 29
Tagged with: Eye Exams

Dr. Raul Peña discusses the importance of senior eye exams, and what patients can expect at these routine appointments.

Jan 21
Tagged with: Eye Allergies
Eye allergies get worse during the spring. The doctors at Peña Eye Institute discuss ocular testing for patients and how to treat and manage seasonal allergies.
Dec 23
Tagged with: Eye Diseases

Dr. Raul Peña discusses the risk of sun exposure and eye diseases, and offers tips for protecting the eyes from damaging UV rays.

Nov 22

Understanding the risk factors of cataracts is an important part of preserving eyesight and preventing this common vision problem for as long as possible.

Oct 21
Tagged with: Glaucoma
Medications for glaucoma can slow down vision loss and prevent blindness. Dr. Raul Peña discusses prescription eye drops and pills.
Sep 21
Tagged with: Cataract Surgery

Experienced ophthalmologist Dr. Raul Peña goes over some of the most common causes of cataracts, a cloudy buildup on the lens of the eye.

Sep 4

Check out our Peña Eye Institute/KTEX Dallas Cowboys Giveaway Winners who will enjoy the Dallas Cowboys game LIVE courtesty of Peña Eye Institute, the Valley's Official IntraLASIK Surgeon for the Dallas Cowboys! 

Jul 21

After undergoing LASIK surgery, patients must avoid staring at computer, phone, and TV screens while healing. A skilled refractive surgeon explains why.

Jun 21
Tagged with: Lasik

At Peña Eye Institute, Dr. Raul Peña discusses how long the LASIK procedure takes, along with the steps involved with the procedure.

May 21

Medicare Part B covers medically necessary cataract surgery. An eye doctor and vision surgeon can discuss if your cataract removal procedure qualifies.

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