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Dec 19
Tagged with: Iols, Cataracts

Dr. Raul Peña prepares individuals for what to expect during recovery from IOL refractive surgery, including common treatment side effects.

Nov 19

Improved vision is one of the first benefits of cataract surgery people think of but there are many more. Here we'll take a look at these cataract surgery benefits. To find out if you’re a candidate for cataract surgery, contact the Peña Eye Institute in Harlingen, TX, office today.

Oct 21
Tagged with: Glaucoma

Glaucoma damages the eye's optic nerve. If left untreated, it can lead to blindness. Treatment usually involves a series of steps, from eye drops to surgery.

Sep 21
Get your LASIK surgery questions answered by Peña Eye Institute. Find out if laser vision correction is right for you. 
Aug 20
Tagged with: Lasik

Have you considered the safe, all-laser version of LASIK? Continue reading to understand the recovery process and risks associated with blade-free LASIK.

Aug 4

Cataract surgery effectively restores clear vision for those suffering from blurry or cloudy vision due to cataracts. Dr. Raul Peña in Harlingen, TX, performs cataract surgery to improve vision. Here we discuss what happens when patients need cataract surgery performed on both eyes. 

Jul 21

People around the world seek LASIK to correct refractive error. IntraLase LASIK allows more patients to have this procedure with proven outcomes and comfort.

Jul 9
Tagged with: Glaucoma Testing

Glaucoma testing is vital for diagnosis and vision preservation. Here, Dr. Raul Peña prepares patients for what to expect from a glaucoma exam. If you have questions about glaucoma exams or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Raul Peña in Harlingen, TX, today.

Jun 17
Tagged with: Cataract Surgery, Lasik

If you have had LASIK surgery but now have cataracts, you may wonder if you qualify for cataract surgery. We have the answers you need.

Apr 21

If you plan to have LASIK, learn how to improve your potential for a successful procedure and prompt recovery. These tips will help you prepare!

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