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May 9

Advanced technology and modern techniques help decrease the risks and complications associated with cataract surgery. To verify your cataract surgery candidacy or schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Peña and his skilled team at the Peña Eye Institute in Harlingen, TX.

Mar 21
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IntraLASIK is a blade-free improvement on traditional LASIK. Contact us today to schedule your IntraLASIK consultation.

Feb 16
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At Peña Eye Institute, Dr. Raul Peña can explain the Implantable Collamer® Lens vs. LASIK. Both are safe and effective treatments for nearsightedness.

Jan 20
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If you’re considering LASIK, then you might be wondering: Is LASIK permanent? During a visit, we can address the long- and short-term outcomes you can expect from LASIK eye surgery.

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