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Jul 21

Cataracts can cause cloudy vision, eventually affecting daily life. If you have untreated cataracts, it’s important to know the signs you might need surgery.

Jun 18
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Dr. Raul Peña explains the effects of cataracts and discusses treatment options to prevent further vision loss and restore clear eyesight.

Jun 16
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Cataracts cloud the eye’s lens. Dr. Raul Peña offers cataract surgery to enhance vision. Here’s what to know about cataract surgery after a LASIK procedure.

Mar 3
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Dr. Raul Peña provides some key questions that individuals should ask before cataract surgery to ensure they are prepared for their procedure.

Nov 13

Untreated cataracts can cause many problems. Here are five warning signs that indicate you need to get surgery to improve your vision and overall health.

Oct 20
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Cataracts are a leading cause of vision loss. Here, Dr. Raul Peña discusses the causes and risk factors that make a person susceptible to developing cataracts.

Jun 17
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If you have had LASIK surgery but now have cataracts, you may wonder if you qualify for cataract surgery. We have the answers you need.

May 21
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Cataracts are a part of life for many individuals. Being diagnosed with this condition does not necessarily mean you must schedule cataract surgery right away. Cataract surgery is necessary to eliminate cloudiness and restore optimal vision. The team at Peña Eye Institute discusses when it’s the right time to have cataract surgery.

Apr 23
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Cataracts can make driving difficult or even dangerous. If you are over the age of 60, regular eye exams can catch the early stages of cataracts. Dr. Raul Peña can monitor your cataracts to ensure you can drive safely.

Nov 22

Understanding the risk factors of cataracts is an important part of preserving eyesight and preventing this common vision problem for as long as possible.

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