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Laser Vision Correction 

The Peña Eye Institute is a premier Ophthalmology practice providing blade-free laser vision correction and other eye care services to patients across the Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Raul “Raulito” Peña focuses on personal service and individual attention, which is why he takes the time to meet with each of his patients and thoroughly discuss the treatment options that are available for your individual case.

Advanced Laser Vision Technology

With the latest advances in blade-free laser vision correction and a caring and experienced staff, Dr. Peña is able to reduce or eliminate his patients' dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Blade-free laser vision correction provides patients with a new view of the world. Laser vision correction procedures like blade-free LASIK have been performed thousands of times across the United States and world with proven dependability and excellent results.

Experienced Laser Surgeon

By choosing the Peña Eye Institute, patients are given the peace of mind that comes with seeing an experienced Ophthalmologist. Dr. Peña has served as Chief Resident in Ophthalmology at the University of Cincinnati, trained at the School of Internal Medicine at the Scott and White Memorial Hospital of Texas A&M University, and conducted research at The Retina Institute of Maryland in Baltimore.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Laser Vision Correction and Other Treatments

Dr. Peña takes pride in improving his patients' vision and relieving symptoms of eye diseases such as cataracts. Of those who undergo laser vision correction procedures such as blade-free LASIK, most achieve better than 20/20 vision. After IntraLASIK surgery, most patients can read the newspaper, drive automobiles, play sports, and perform other daily tasks for the fist time in years without glasses or contact lenses.

If you are interested in discussing cataract surgery, blade-free laser vision correction , or any other procedures, contact our office today.

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