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Feb 19
Tagged with: Eye Care

When cold weather strikes, you want to be prepared. Learn how to take care of your eyes during winter with Dr. Raul A. Peña.

Jun 24
Tagged with: Eye Care

We come in contact with germs every day. Eye infections, including viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, can develop when these germs come in contact with the tissues in and around the eyes. In this blog post, Dr. Raul Peña offers seven eye care tips for reducing the risk of eye infection.

Aug 23

These eye care statistics will put vision health concerns into perspective. The team at Peña Eye Institute can discuss specific vision concerns with you in greater detail.

Jul 24
Tagged with: Eye Care

Dr. Raul Peña goes over summer eye care tips to keep your eyes healthy while enjoying time in the sun.

May 23
Tagged with: Eye Care

At Peña Eye Institute, we offer eye allergy treatment for patients suffering from seasonal or perennial irritation and redness.

Feb 15
Tagged with: Eye Care, Cataracts

Dr. Raul Peña performs surgery to treat cataract symptoms and restore clear vision for his patients.

Dec 21
Tagged with: Eye Care, Eye Injury
Corneal abrasions have numerous causes. The vision care team at Peña Eye Institute considers these eye injuries and offers tips for prevention and protection your eyesight.
Nov 21
Tagged with: Eye Care, Eye Exam

Dr. Raul Peña discusses the eye conditions that are the most common cause of poor central vision.

Sep 25
Tagged with: Eye Care, Eye Exam

Learn about the eye conditions that can cause poor peripheral vision, and why any change in your peripheral vision should be treated as an emergency.

Aug 21
Tagged with: Eye Care

Experienced eye doctor Raul Peña provides an overview of some of the most common eye conditions and discusses when they typically develop.

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