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Jun 17
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Cloudy vision cataractThe demand for cataract surgery after LASIK is on the rise. The original population of 30 and 40-somethings that underwent LASIK when it was new are now nearing the age range when cataracts often develop. 

At Peña Eye Institute in McAllen and Harlingen, TX, many patients wonder if they can have cataract surgery after LASIK. Dr. Raul Peña can perform both LASIK and cataract surgery on patients. But he also believes that you should know why you can have both surgeries.

LASIK Surgery

Patients undergo LASIK, a laser eye surgery, so they no longer have to wear glasses or contacts.

What eye issues does LASIK surgery address? LASIK corrects refractive errors by reshaping the cornea. Some common refraction problems include farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, and nearsightedness (myopia).

Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a milky-white protein mass that forms on the lens of the eye and causes cloudy vision. Cataract surgery corrects the condition.

You may develop cataracts in one or both eyes, and usually they grow slowly. Many people don’t notice them in the early stage. Age, diabetes, eye surgeries, and other factors can lead to the development of cataracts. The only way to treat these masses is to replace the natural lens with an intraocular lens implant (IOL).

Will Cataract Surgery Interfere with My Previous LASIK Surgery?

Because LASIK surgery is conducted on the cornea (the outermost layer of your eye) and cataract surgery involves replacing the eye’s lens, previous LASIK surgery doesn’t preclude you from undergoing cataract surgery. The procedures are performed on different parts of the eye.

Intraocular Lens Implants (IOLs) for Cataract Treatment

Multifocal IOLs can improve vision at near and far distances. A monofocal IOL corrects vision at one distance, so you may still require glasses for near or far vision. You can discuss your options with our team during your consultation.

Great Cataract Surgery Results

Our team at Peña Eye Institute wants you to be impressed with the results of your cataract surgery. The goal is clear vision for practical reasons, and for better quality of life. 

To help us help you, bring a complete copy of your vision records to your appointment, if possible. Simply call your eye doctor(s) and request that the records be sent to us. Optician offices have certain policies you must follow for the release of records, so be sure to start the process a few weeks before your appointment with us.

Reviewing your records will help Dr. Peña find the most precise IOL for your eyes, in light of your LASIK surgery. The best outcomes occur when we have the most accurate calibration for a patient’s new IOL. And while we can certainly work without your records, we prefer to have them. 

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If you underwent LASIK surgery and have since developed cataracts, Peña Eye Institute can give you great results with cataract surgery after LASIK. Contact us online or call us today at (956) 661-8733 to schedule your consultation.

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