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Sep 21

Close up of female green eye with laser overlayHave you been considering LASIK surgery? Then you’re not alone. It’s estimated that more than half a million Americans undergo LASIK each year. This is a testament to the continued advances in LASIK technology.

The staff at Peña Eye Institute in Harlingen, TX, are leading experts in blade-free custom LASIK (IntraLASIK), one of the most precise laser vision correction procedures on the market. Before you decide if LASIK is right for you, we would like to answer some of the most commonly asked questions from our patients.

What Is LASIK?

Light passes through the cornea as it enters the eye and focuses on the retina. The cornea is a dome-like transparent outer layer of the eye, and the retina is the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye.

When light isn’t focused properly on the retina, your vision becomes blurry. During the LASIK procedure, your doctor creates a corneal flap, then reshapes the middle section of the cornea with an excimer laser. Correcting the contours of the cornea helps ensure that light focuses properly on the retina.

Who Is a Candidate for LASIK?

Many people between the ages of 18 to 65 are suitable candidates for LASIK. Your doctor will take a number of factors into account, but typically as long as you don’t suffer from severe, chronic dry eye, are not pregnant, and do not have thin corneas, you will likely be eligible for the surgery. During your visit to our Harlingen practice, we can determine if LASIK is the right option for you.

Is LASIK Safe?

While any surgery carries some risk, LASIK has a generally low complication risk compared to other surgeries. In the unlikely event of a complication, the patient might experience chronic dry eyes, halos in their vision, or infection of the corneal flap. Infections are usually due to improper technique, and again, these complications are all quite rare.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

Patients that have particularly poor eyesight may need three or four days for their complete vision to return, but usually, every patient sees some sort of improvement within 24 hours. The LASIK procedure itself only lasts about 20 minutes.

Your vision will be blurry immediately after the surgery. Most patients are encouraged to go home and sleep for the rest of the day. Within 24 hours, patients report clear vision and are able to resume their normal lifestyle with only a few exceptions.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

On average, LASIK surgery can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 per eye, and sometimes more. It’s important to note that prices vary based on the type of LASIK procedure performed and the complexity of a patient’s refractive error.

Is LASIK Covered by Insurance?

No. However, even though LASIK is not covered by insurance in the vast majority of cases, the surgery is more cost-effective and accessible thanks to affordable financing options.

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LASIK treatment is a game-changing solution for seeing the world as clearly as you’ve always wanted. Dr. Peña personally meets with every single patient he cares for to make sure LASIK will give you the results you want. Call our office in Harlingen, TX, at (956) 264-1200 or send us a message today to schedule your appointment.

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