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Dec 19
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LASIK recovery tips will help patients heal faster, reduce the severity of side effects, and prevent complications. Your laser eye surgeon will have full post-op instructions for you.

Oct 24

Check out our Peña Eye Institute/KTEX Dallas Cowboys Giveaway Winners!

Oct 19
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LASIK can be used to treat a variety of refractive vision problems. See if you might be a good candidate for this effective and worthwhile procedure.

Sep 19
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The cost of custom LASIK can vary based on the severity of the patient's refractive error and other factors. Numerous payment options are available.

Aug 26

Learn about our Teacher Appreciation Savings happening now through September 30th! Teachers, if you are interested in IntraLASIK bring in another teacher, and if you are both candidates, have the procedure done for the price of one!

Aug 20
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Learn about possible LASIK side effects. Most are minor inconveniences and disappear in a few days or weeks.

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