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LASIK Offers Excellent Success Rates

McAllen - LASIK Success Rates

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An attractive female free of corrective eyewearVisual imperfections and abnormalities affect millions of Americans. These visual disturbances may vary in severity, but all of them interfere with a patient’s day-to-day functions, making it important to correct these imperfections to restore crisp, clear vision. When these problems are diagnosed, the most common form of correction is glasses or contact lenses. These prescriptive lenses allow patients to benefit from sharper vision. However, many patients eventually tire of the constant inconvenience and upkeep of these lenses. Custom LASIK can reshape the cornea to correct visual imperfections at their source, offering patients long-term correction that often frees them from the need for corrective lenses all together. For those of Dr. Raul Pena’s McAllen patients who are LASIK candidates, this procedure offers the effective and permanent visual results that most of them are looking for.

Just How Successful is LASIK?

Despite its continued growth in popularity, there are still many patients who are skeptical about LASIK surgery and just how successful the surgical results can actually be. LASIK provides patients with overwhelmingly successful results. The majority of patients who undergo LASIK surgery will recover with 20/20 vision or better, leaving them completely free of the need for glasses or contact lenses. Across the globe, studies show that the patient satisfaction rate for LASIK surgery is approximately 95 percent, making it one of the most successful elective surgeries available.

Maximizing LASIK Success Rates

In general, LASIK is a highly successful surgical procedure. However, there are factors that can further contribute to that success, increasing the chances that a patient will be satisfied with their surgical results. Below are some important factors when it comes to LASIK surgery success rates:

  • Performing surgeon: As with all surgeries, one of the most important factors that will contribute to the procedure’s success is the performing surgeon. Dr. Pena is an experienced ophthalmologist who is respected in his field and has a long history of successful LASIK procedures.
  • Patient candidacy: While LASIK is an excellent option for many patients, it is not right for all. Dr. Pena will never perform LASIK surgery on a patient if he does not believe that they are an ideal candidate who will be likely to benefit from optimal LASIK results.
  • Technology: LASIK continues to have technological advances that further improve the safety, precision, and effectiveness of this procedure. Dr. Pena keeps up with the latest LASIK advances, offering patient’s blade-free LASIK and Zyoptix™ custom blade-free LASIK.

At Pena Eye Institute, all of these factors come together to provide patients with superior laser eye care and excellent LASIK surgery results.

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For those patients who are ideal candidates, LASIK surgery offers effective, long-lasting results. If you are tired of relying on glasses or contact lenses for clear vision, schedule an appointment with Dr. Raul Pena at your earliest convenience to learn more about the LASIK procedure. We look forward to hearing from you!

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