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Pre-operative Instructions for LASIK Surgery Patients

McAllen Pre-op LASIK Instructions

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A smiling womanThe team at Peña Eye Institute serves patients in and around McAllen, helping them have great vision and healthy eyes. Part of achieving excellent vision through custom LASIK surgery is proper patient education and information. This helps ensure the best possible outcomes with regard to surgery.

Healing begins before surgery is even performed, which is why we'd like to take a moment to look at the pre-op instructions for LASIK surgery right now.

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

When you wear contact lenses, they will usually cause slight changes to your corneal contour. Since LASIK is performed in order to reshape the cornea, patients will need to stop wearing their contacts for a few weeks in order for their corneas to return to an at-rest shape. This helps ensure the best results of LASIK surgery possible.

Keep in mind that the kind of contacts that you wear will determine when you should stop wearing them. Hard contacts tend to require more time off than soft contacts.

Avoid Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Beverages

Both tobacco products and alcoholic beverages can slow down the healing process, which is why patients are asked to stop using both in the weeks leading into LASIK and the weeks after LASIK. This helps reduce side effect duration and severity and avoid complications from occurring.

Fill All Prescriptions Ahead of Time

Once you have prescriptions for medications, be sure to fill them early. This helps take care one of your concerns early on so you do not have to worry about it as you recover.

Run Errands Leading Up to Surgery Day

With the above in mind, it's very helpful for patients to consider running errands in the week leading into LASIK. That means buying groceries, doing laundry, and other kinds of basic tasks around the home. This helps patients focus on healing and relaxation rather than needing to rush around before the surgery is performed.

Arrange for Transportation and Company After Surgery

After undergoing LASIK, a patient will be in no state to operate a vehicle on his or her own. It's important for the patient to find a loved one to provide transportation to and from the practice. It's also important for LASIK patients to have a loved one present in the early days after surgery to help around the home so the patient's focus will solely by on resting and recovery.

What Patients Should Do the Night Before LASIK Surgery

Patients should make sure that all final arrangements and preparations are completed the night before LASIK surgery and get a good night's rest. Keep in mind any possible restrictions on medications or other behaviors.

What Patients Should Do the Morning of LASIK Surgery

On the morning of the LASIK procedure, patients should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Jewelry and other accessories should not be worn to the practice. Patients should not wear any makeup, colognes, perfumes, or facial lotions either. Caffeine should be avoided in the morning with breakfast.

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