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A woman reading at the officeDr. Raul A. Peña has helped countless patients in and around McAllen improve their vision quality. In many cases this is thanks to custom LASIK, a refractive surgery that treats myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. After undergoing LASIK, patients can see clearly without the aid of glasses or contacts.

To get the best results out of LASIK, patients need to follow their pre-op and post-op instructions closely. Below are a few tips for LASIK recovery that can reduce the severity of side effects and help ensure proper, problem-free healing.

Avoid Activities That Cause Eye Strain for the First Day or So

Immediately after surgery, it's always a good idea to rest your eyes and take things easy. Be sure to avoid doing anything that can cause eye fatigue for that first day or so, such as watching TV, reading, using the computer, going to a movie, or playing with your smart phone or tablet.

Wear Your LASIK Eye Shields as Directed

Patients are given LASIK eye shields to wear for a few days to prevent rubbing the eyes while asleep and other kinds of incidental contact. These eye shields help prevent infection and other serious complications, which is why they should be worn as directed.

Avoid Strenuous Physical Activities Until Advised Otherwise

Rest should be your main focus as you heal, which is why you want to avoid strenuous physical activities until your surgeon says otherwise. This includes heavy lifting, bending at the waist, and types of actions that may place added internal pressure on the face or head.

Wear Sunglasses and a Hat with a Brim While Outdoors

Light sensitivity is to be expected following an eye surgery such as LASIK. Patients should avoid direct eye contact with the sun to ensure the best healing results. That's why wearing sunglasses while outdoors and a hat with a brim is a great protective measure to consider.

Avoid Dry, Dusty, and Smoky Places/Situations

Dry eye attacks are common after LASIK surgery simply given the nature of the procedure. In order to avoid the onset of a dry eye attack, do your best to avoid places that have a lot of dust or smoke in the air. Avoiding things that trigger a dry eye attack is generally ideal.

Carry Liquid Tears with Your Wherever You Go

If you do suffer from a sudden dry eye attack, it's best to be ready. Patients should carry liquid tears with them wherever they go. As these side effects might last for a few months, be sure to keep them handy for a while.

Attend All Follow-up Visits with Your LASIK Surgeon

Follow-ups with your LASIK surgeon are a great way to ensure that you heal properly and all of your concerns are addressed as they arise. Multiple follow-ups will be scheduled for the weeks after your LASIK procedure has been completed to see you through the entire recovery process. If you do have any concerns between visits, be sure to contact your LASIK surgeon so these matters can be addressed as soon as possible.

Schedule a Consultation at the Peña Eye Institute

For more information about LASIK and what you can do to heal properly, be sure to contact our laser eye care center today. Dr. Peña will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the care you need in order to see clearly and have great vision for years to come.

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