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Apr 18
Tagged with: Prk Surgery Recovery

Dr. Raul Peña prepares patients for what to expect during recovery from PRK surgery, including how long it takes for vision to improve. If you suffer from vision impairment and are ready to reduce your reliance on prescription lenses, contact our Harlingen, TX, eye institute today. 

Feb 19
Tagged with: Eye Care

When cold weather strikes, you want to be prepared. Learn how to take care of your eyes during winter with Dr. Raul A. Peña.

Feb 2

Dr. Raul Peña in Harlingen, TX, discusses the history of cataract surgery, which paved the way for the effective surgical procedure that is used today to restore a person’s vision. If your vision has been compromised by cataracts, Dr. Peña can talk to you about how cataract surgery can restore clear vision.

Nov 19
Tagged with: Lasik Vs Prk

When someone is interested in refractive eye surgery, LASIK is typically the procedure they consider. While LASIK offers promising results, some patients are better candidates for PRK. Dr. Raul Peña helps patients consider LASIK vs. PRK for vision impairment treatment.

Oct 22
Tagged with: Glaucoma, Cataracts

When you have unclear or hazy eyesight, you might not know if you have glaucoma or cataracts since both are common conditions. To distinguish between the two, we explain the differences between glaucoma vs cataracts, the symptoms, when to seek medical help, and various treatment options.

Oct 22
Tagged with: Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma causes gradual vision loss that can eventually lead to blindness. Dr. Raul Peña helps patients understand how glaucoma progresses, and what treatments are available to preserve the vision.

Sep 15
Tagged with: Lasik

Many individuals complain that their glasses become foggy, making it hard to see. This is especially true now, when wearing masks is publicly mandated. When patients are tired of their glasses fogging up, they might want to try LASIK. Dr. Raul Peña explains why glasses fog up while wearing a mask and the LASIK procedure.

Jul 15
Tagged with: Cataracts

Smoking has been linked to a number of eye issues, including cataracts. In this article, Dr. Raul Peña  and our Harlingen, TX, team explore the topic of cataracts and smoking, and explain how patients can reduce the risk of common eye diseases. You can learn more during a visit to Peña Eye Institute.

Jun 24
Tagged with: Eye Care

We come in contact with germs every day. Eye infections, including viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, can develop when these germs come in contact with the tissues in and around the eyes. In this blog post, Dr. Raul Peña offers seven eye care tips for reducing the risk of eye infection.

May 21
Tagged with: Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a part of life for many individuals. Being diagnosed with this condition does not necessarily mean you must schedule cataract surgery right away. Cataract surgery is necessary to eliminate cloudiness and restore optimal vision. The team at Peña Eye Institute discusses when it’s the right time to have cataract surgery.

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