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illustration of lens replacementLens replacement is the only effective cataract treatment. During cataract surgery, the damaged lens is broken up, removed, and replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). An IOL is a prescription lens that has the potential to enhance vision at all distances. There are various types of IOLs available. 

Dr. Raul Peña is often asked, “Can I get lens replacement without cataracts?” The exciting answer is “yes.” Dr. Peña offers clear lens exchange and other procedures at his HarlingenTX, eye care institute. Lens replacement enhances vision and reduces or eliminates dependence on glasses, bifocals, and contact lenses.

Clear Lens Exchange

Clear lens exchange (also known as lens replacement or refractive lensectomy) is essentially the same procedure as cataract surgery. The difference between the two procedures is that cataract surgery removes a clouded lens, and refractive lensectomy removes a clear lens. 

After removing the eye’s natural lens during a refractive lensectomy, Dr. Peña replaces it with an IOL. IOLs are soft plastic or acrylic lenses that function as permanent contact lenses. Lens replacement is usually complete in about 15 minutes. If both eyes require treatment, Dr. Peña treats one eye at a time, spacing the lens replacement procedures a couple of weeks apart; so the first eye has time to heal before the second surgery.

Choosing the Right IOL

Patients who undergo lens replacement surgery can choose the type of IOL to replace their lenses. With each of his patients, Dr. Peña goes over their specific treatment goals to help them determine the IOL most appropriate for their procedure. Many lens replacement patients opt not to receive monofocal IOLs, since they would be reliant on glasses to help them see at all distances. Instead, our Harlingen patients frequently choose a premium IOL, such as:

  • RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens - This IOL can be adjusted, as needed, after surgery until patients achieve desired vision results. It is the first and only adjustable IOL.
  • PanOptix® - This trifocal IOL delivers enhanced vision at all distances.
  • Crystalens® - This lens has hinges on either side that allow it to move with the eye muscles and focus light more effectively.

Candidates for Clear Lens Exchange

People may request lens replacement surgery for a variety of reasons. Often, individuals consider this procedure when they have advanced refractive errors and are poor candidates for LASIK or other laser vision correction techniques. Our Harlingen patients may also consider clear lens exchange if they have presbyopia and wish to get rid of reading glasses.

Benefits of Clear Lens Exchange 

Lens replacement surgery offers several benefits. Some of the most notable advantages of a refractive lensectomy are:

  • Vision correction that requires minimal maintenance
  • Freedom from or diminished reliance on glasses or contact lenses
  • Enhanced vision in all conditions
  • Prevention of cataracts and the future need for cataract surgery

Contact Peña Eye Institute

If you want to correct refractive errors and are a poor candidate for LASIK, lens replacement may be a suitable option. To learn more about refractive lensectomy and the benefits it provides, send a message to Peña Eye Institute or call (956) 264-1200 and schedule an appointment.

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