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Apr 19

Everything You Need to Know about Wearing Makeup after LASIK

Wearing Makeup after LASIK - McAllen, TX

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Up close photo of woman’s eyeAre you about to undergo LASIK surgery? This type of surgical vision correction is an excellent way to sharpen your eyesight and reduce the need for glasses or contacts. Among the questions we are frequently asked regarding this procedure is when patients can start wearing makeup after LASIK.

Today, our team at Peña Eye Institutein McAllen, TX will explore this topic so you can know exactly what to expect during your LASIK recovery.

Overview of Recovery after LASIK

Fortunately, most patients experience little to no side effects or post-operative discomfort following LASIK surgery.

However, because your eyes will be rather sensitive during the healing process, it is important to protect them from irritants that can impede your recovery. You may also require sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright lights.

Depending on your specific case, your doctor may instruct you to use anti-inflammatory, moistening, or antibiotic eye drops.

Generally, patients should avoid screens, such as computers, televisions, tablets, and smartphones, for at least 24 hours after the surgery.

Although it may be tempting to rub your eyes, it is crucial that you avoid doing so to preserve the results of your procedure.

Patients will also need to avoid wearing makeup before and after LASIK surgery, a topic that we will explore in the sections below.

Avoiding Makeup before LASIK

When you arrive for your LASIK procedure, it is important that the skin is free of irritants that could potentially lead to infection. Therefore, we advise patients to thoroughly cleanse their face the night before their appointment, taking extra care to remove eye makeup, such as shadow or liner. The next morning, wash your face once more, and do not apply any lotions, creams, moisturizers, or makeup.

Avoiding Makeup after LASIK

Even though most makeup is advertised as hypoallergenic and safe, these products can still increase your risk for post-surgical irritation and infection. For instance, tiny particles can become trapped in or near the surgical site, causing discomfort or inflammation.

The old adage “better safe than sorry” applies here, as simply avoiding makeup for the first few days will prevent further complications from occurring.

In addition to the products themselves, the process of applying them can irritate the eyes unnecessarily. For example, placing pressure on the eyelid can hinder the healing of the underlying corneal flap. This can cause discomfort, and have a negative impact on your vision outcome, as well.

When Can I Resume Wearing Makeup?

Generally speaking, we recommend that patients wait about one week before applying eyeliner, eye shadow, or mascara. If you choose to apply other forms of makeup, it is still crucial to keep it away from the eyes.

Just to play it safe, we advise patients to purchase new eye makeup to wear after LASIK, as it is a good rule of thumb for avoiding potential complications or infections.

During your one-week checkup with your doctor, he or she can tell you for sure whether or not it is safe to begin applying eye makeup again.

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