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Quality Care Through Post-operative LASIK Visits

Post-operative LASIK Visits - McAllen, TX

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LASIK visitLASIK has quickly become the go-to treatment for patients looking for clearer vision and less reliance on prescription lenses. Custom LASIK is a blade-free technique that uses wavefront mapping technology to further enhance the precision and effectiveness of traditional LASIK treatment. By offering the latest in LASIK technology, Dr. Raul Peña is able to provide his patients with the highest quality vision correction treatment.

However, just as important as the surgical care that is provided to his patients is the level of attention and care that Dr. Peña provides after treatment. Dr. Peña schedules a series of post-operative LASIK visits, which are included at no additional cost, for his patients to monitor the success of each LASIK procedure. These appointments allow Dr. Peña to check on each patient’s healing process.

Post-operative Visit Schedule

The ultimate success of LASIK treatment is largely dependent on the quality of follow-up care a patient receives. Each patient will receive detailed post-operative care instructions that should be closely followed. In addition to adhering to these guidelines, patients are strongly encouraged to return to Dr. Peña for post-operative LASIK visits. These visits will be scheduled based on each patient’s unique needs, with some patients requiring more visits, and others less. However, below is a general timeline of the post-operative visits that patients can expect in the weeks and months following LASIK treatment:

  • Visit number one: All patients will return for their first post-operative LASIK visit the day after their LASIK procedure. This is a quick follow-up appointment that allows Dr. Peña to monitor the initial results of surgery, as well as answer any questions that patients may have. Most patients already have experienced a marked improvement in their vision by the time of this appointment, but it is a good idea to have a friend or family member drive them to this follow-up visit, just to be safe.
  • Visit number two: The second follow-up visit is typically scheduled about a two weeks after LASIK treatment. During this appointment, we will closely examine the eyes to ensure the LASIK flaps are healing properly. Based on how a patient is healing, Dr. Peña will provide instructions regarding the continued use of prescription eye drops.
  • Visit number three: A third post-operative care visit will be scheduled three months after surgery. At this appointment, we will perform a standard vision test to see how much the patient’s vision has improved since treatment. 
  • Visit number four: A fourth visit will be scheduled nine months after surgery. By this point, a patient’s vision should be completely stable. We will perform another vision test to determine if optimal vision has been achieved. In over 90 percent of cases, patients will have achieved 20/20 vision or better by this point.
  • Visit number five: A fifth, and final, visit will be scheduled 12 months after surgery. These visits should be kept to ensure optimal results. All post operative visits are covered in the cost of IntraLASIK at Peña Eye Institute. Dr. Peña and our entire team feel it's necessary to continue monitoring our patients following surgery. In so doing, our patients have ample opportunity to ask questions and we can ensure you reach optimal visual outcomes. 

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LASIK surgery offers patients the benefit of clear vision without the constant reliance on prescription lenses. The safety and effectiveness of LASIK has made it one of the most popular choices when it comes to vision correction. If you’d like to learn more about custom LASIK and whether it may be right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Raul Peña at your earliest convenience.

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