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Oct 31

LASIK and Cigarette Smoke: What Patients Should Know

LASIK and Cigarette Smoke - McAllen, TX

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A lit cigaretteSmoking is bad for you. That's a given. Yet many people don't realize just how bad smoking can be. Tobacco products affect more than just your lungs. Years of smoking can lead to problems with your teeth and gums, your fertility, and even your own vision.

Here at Peña Eye Institute, we always stress to patients that total wellness is ideal for lasting vision. That's why our McAllen practice emphasizes preventative care and holistic health. With that in mind, we want to consider how smoking can affect the results of LASIK surgery. You may be surprised just how.

Smoking Can Lead to Problems Healing

Studies have shown that people who smoke take longer to recover from wounds and surgeries. This is crucial to consider when it comes to eye surgeries such as LASIK. A delay in healing time means that you are more vulnerable to serious side effects and major risk of complications. If you want to heal quickly and avoid problems with eye health, it's imperative that you avoid smoking, particularly in the weeks after LASIK surgery.

LASIK Complications Linked to Smoking

Some potential LASIK complications associated with smoking include eye infections and corneal flap issues. Inflammation of the corneal flap can lead to discomfort and problems with vision. Typically these infection risks are low thanks to modern technology, yet the slower healing associated with smoking can lead to an increased risk of infections.

Eye Irritation and Other Side Effects

Even if smoking doesn't lead to infection, it can aggravate other side effects common after LASIK. Smoke can trigger serious issues with eye irritation, for instance. That discomfort can be particularly severe in the early days and weeks after LASIK. Smoke is also a common cause of dry eye attacks, which can be painful and annoying.

Patients Should Avoid Smoking Before LASIK Surgery

In order to ensure optimal healing conditions before the day of surgery, patients are asked to avoid smoking as well as alcoholic beverages. This puts the body in a healthy and ideal state to heal without any worries.

Patients Should Also Avoid Smoking After LASIK Surgery

Smoking should similarly be avoided in the weeks after LASIK surgery so the eye is fully recovered. Avoiding smoking for a while can also prevent dry eye attacks and issues with irritation as noted above. We'll provide comprehensive post-op instructions during the consultation process.

Resources to Kick the Habit for Good

LASIK might be a great excuse for you to kick the habit for good. A number of patients who undergo life-changing surgeries like LASIK often turn a new page in life and make smart lifestyle choices. We'd be more than happy to direct your to resources that can help you kick the habit or control nicotine cravings.

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