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Illustration of a laser being used to treat glaucomaGlaucoma is one of the most harmful eye diseases. This condition leads to a buildup of pressure inside the eye which can end up damaging the optic nerve. Without treatment, glaucoma can lead to a permanent loss of vision, or even complete blindness. There are several possible treatments for glaucoma, including the use of medicated eye drops. While conservative treatment is a good place to start, many patients will eventually require surgical treatment to prevent the loss of vision associated with glaucoma. Dr. Raul Peña offers glaucoma laser surgery to his McAllen, TX patients in order to relieve pressure from inside of the eye and ease the common symptoms of glaucoma.

Candidates for Glaucoma Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is not typically the first treatment for glaucoma. In most cases, Dr. Peña will help patient’s manage the condition through the use of medicated eye drops. However, most patients will eventually become candidates for laser surgery to treat glaucoma. Ideal candidates for this treatment include the following:

  • Patients whose glaucoma has continued to progress despite the use of medication
  • Older patients who are not good candidates for the use of medication
  • Patients whose condition is diagnosed once glaucoma has already reached advanced stages

When conservative treatment can no longer manage glaucoma, laser surgery offers a minimally invasive, yet effective solution for relieving eye pressure and preserving a patient’s vision.

The Procedure

During a laser surgery procedure for glaucoma, Dr. Peña directs a highly focused beam of light at the trabecular meshwork of the eye. This is the area of the eye that allows fluids to drain so that pressure does not build up inside the eye. By treating this area and encouraging proper drainage of the eye, Dr. Peña can reduce most of the common symptoms of glaucoma, including tunnel vision, halos, blurred vision, and frequent headaches. Patients can expect laser surgery to take place in the following basic steps:

  • First, numbing eye drops will be administered to ensure the patient’s comfort throughout treatment.
  • Second, the laser will be pointed to the trabecular meshwork of the eye using a special microscope and lens.
  • Third, using the laser, Dr. Peña will create small burns in the trabecular meshwork to enhance the draining function of the eye.
  • Finally, at the end of treatment, Dr. Peña will administer eye drops that prevent the pressure of the eyes from increasing immediately after treatment.


Patients are typically asked to stay at Dr. Peña’s offices for a couple of hours after treatment so that the eyes can be checked. If the eyes look good after two hours, most patients are able to return home the day of treatment. It is normal for the eyes to feel slightly irritated or for vision to be blurry after treatment, but most people are able to resume their normal activities the day after treatment.

Schedule an Appointment

Glaucoma is a huge threat to a patient’s vision and ocular health, but with early diagnosis and proper treatment, most patients can manage this condition, while preserving clear vision. To learn more about glaucoma and how this condition can be treated, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Raul Peña at your earliest convenience.

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