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LASIK vs. Contact Lenses

LASIK vs. Contact Lenses – McAllen

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Two contact lenses on a white backgroundWhen it comes to your eyes, you want to enjoy the clearest vision possible. If you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, your vision becomes blurry when viewing near or distant objects. Fortunately, there is a range of treatment options available to patients whose eyes are affected by these refractive errors. Contact lenses and LASIK surgery are both safe and effective treatments. Contact lenses are thin, flexible lenses that can be worn to improve a patient’s vision. Custom LASIK is a surgical procedure in which the cornea is reshaped to permanently address a patient’s refractive errors. In this blog post, Dr. Raul Peña explains the advantages and disadvantages of LASIK vs. contact lenses. Contact Peña Eye Institute in McAllen, TX to learn more.

LASIK: Pros and Cons

LASIK surgery offers many benefits to patients. Because the shape of the cornea is permanently changed during surgery, light properly reflects on the retina, producing clear vision at all distances. As a result, most patients no longer need to rely on visual aids like contact lenses to see clearly. You will no longer have to take time in the morning and evening to insert and remove your lenses. You won’t have to spend money on replacement contact lenses, cleaning products, saline solutions, or contact lens holders. Instead, you will enjoy clear vision when you are reading, driving, or engaged in any other type of activity.

The biggest drawbacks of LASIK: The fact that it is a surgical procedure and its cost. Patients will have to undergo a one-time surgical procedure and pay its associated costs. However, potential patients should know that the surgical portion of the procedure lasts less than a couple of minutes per eye. In addition, patients can’t see what is happening during the procedure and can’t feel any pain because of the blackout and numbing eye drops that are applied prior to surgery. In addition, the cost of LASIK is quite affordable, especially when compared to the lifetime costs of contact lenses and lens products. With such a minimal investment in time and costs, patients should seriously consider LASIK surgery before ruling it out.

Contact Lenses: Pros and Cons

Contact lenses are an excellent way to improve your vision and avoid wearing glasses. They do not require a surgical procedure, and their initial cost is low. They come in a variety of colors for those who wish to tint or change the color of their eyes. Most importantly, contact lenses are safe and effective.

That said, contact lenses do have their drawbacks. First, they can be uncomfortable to wear, especially for those with sensitive eyes or eye allergies. Second, they do require some maintenance, and take some of your time when you are getting ready in the morning or going to sleep at night. Finally, they are associated with ongoing costs in the form of replacement lenses, contact lens products, and routine eye exams.

To find out if LASIK surgery or contact lenses are right for you, contact Peña Eye Institute today.

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