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LASIK Eye Surgeon Raul Peña, M.D.

Our eye surgeon, Dr. Raul PeñaDr. Raul Peña is an experienced eye surgeon in McAllen, Texas, serving the Rio Grande Valley. As a premier blade-free LASIK eye surgeon, Dr. Peña understands the positive impact his procedures can have not only on his patients’ vision but also on their lives. His procedures allow people to take part in activities that poor vision has long kept them from enjoying. By providing treatment that reduces or eliminates dependence on glasses and contact lenses, Dr. Peña enables his patients to once again see the world with crisp, clear vision. Patients who choose Dr. Raul Peña as their blade-free LASIK eye surgeon, or for any of his other treatments, can rest assured knowing that they are entrusting their vision to an experienced Ophthalmologist.

Refractive Surgical Procedures from Dr. Raul Peña

The Peña Eye Institute front deskIn addition to blade-free LASIK, eye surgeon Raul Peña, M.D., performs other refractive surgical procedures. He performs cataract surgeries for patients who suffer from this common vision clouding disease. By removing the clouded natural lenses of the eyes and replacing them with intraocular lens implants (IOLs ), Dr. Peña is able to relieve his patients of cataract symptoms, restore clarity to their vision, and improve their quality of life. 

The Background and Practice Philosophy of Dr. Raul Peña

Blade-free LASIK eye surgeon Raul Peña, M.D. believes in providing personalized service and attention to each and every one of his patients. By providing pre-procedure examinations and detailed information, Dr. Peña meets the high standard he sets for himself and provides comfort to his patients and confidence in their eye treatment.

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